Need Tree Cutting? We can help with professional tree pruning and more in Wollongong

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Overgrown trees can be dangerous. By calling on Tony's Tree Care you can be sure that you are removing your trees and stumps in the most sound way possible, for both your family and the environment. In addition to tree work and removal, our dedicated and experienced team can also improve and maintain the health of your trees and garden, handling all issues safely and effectively. For cost effective tree trimming and maintenance in Mt Kembla call on us and get a free quote.

Tree removal and stump grinding

Tree removal and stump grinding

At Tony's Tree Care we are environmentally conscious and use only the safest methods and techniques for tree work and removal. With many processes for removal available, our experts will customise a service based on the layout of your backyard. Meanwhile we have specialists who operate stump grinding machines, which are safe and efficient. Leftover stump grindings can be removed or recycled for use as mulch on your garden beds.

Trimming and maintenance

Tree Pruning and maintenance

Some varieties of trees, including palms and cocos, require ongoing maintenance as they age which is where we step in. We can come to your home and reduce the overall size of the green area, rejuvenating your trees. Our staff in Mt Kembla can also treat your garden beds and trees with safe materials to ensure a continued healthy life.

stump removal quality equipment

Quality equipment

When it comes to tree work and maintenance in Mt Kembla we use only the most up-to-date equipment and techniques to ensure we always maintain our highest standards of service. We have a fleet of machines and vehicles including cranes and cherry pickers to get the job done. All removal and trimming projects are performed in a safe and controlled manner to ensure minimal impact on your property and the surrounding area.